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Geocaching: Blogger Q & A

21.04.2015 | Geocaching


Geocaching continues to increase in popularity but somehow remains as hidden as the containers geocachers try to find. This ongoing ‘treasure hunt’ has been around since the millennium but still hasn’t quite made its mark on the mainstream – how can we find out more? We asked UK blogger and ardent geocacher, Kirsty her thoughts on the activity and why it’s become one of her favourite pastimes.

When did you first start geocaching how did you find out about it?

I started Geocaching about 6 years ago whilst living just outside of London. I discovered it on a website, thought it looked very interesting and I was hooked after my first find. Once I downloaded the official app my finds really started to increase.

What do you love most about geocaching?

I love the locations geocaching takes me to. I’ve discovered hidden buildings, beautiful landscape views and quirky landmarks.

What’s the most interesting cache you’ve ever found?

I once discovered a church micro that contained mini scale models of the church the cache was hidden at. It was a real surprise and shows how much thought and time geocachers put into their caches.

What has been the most difficult?

I once spent an hour searching a metal bridge walkway above a dual Carriageway, looking for a nano cache.

I was determined and kept up the search until I eventually consulted my dad (a fellow geocacher) who gave me a mini hint. After another ten minutes I was able to locate the nano cache hidden within a magnetic screw; pure genius.

What bit of kit/gear couldn’t you live without when going on a geocaching adventure?

I couldn’t live without my geocaching app on my iPhone. It’s got everything I need to search for a cache on the go. I have a huge saved list within the app which helps me locate caches even when I lose signal. I’m also able to log finds on the go and share photos of the areas I visit.

What advice would you give to people who have heard about geocaching but don’t really know how to get started? 

Visit or head to YouTube and watch some geocaching videos. I got the bug after doing my research and looking forward to finding interesting caches. It’s surprising how many caches you’ll have nearby. You may be able to head out and find your first cache within 30 minutes.

Which do you prefer: an urban geocaching trail or a rural? And why?

I love rural caches, as someone living in the countryside, they are the ones most local to me, but also the ones I find take me on the most interesting journeys. I love nothing more than heading off into the woods to find a cache.

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