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How to Size a Ski Helmet

30.01.2015 | Ski How to Guides

A helmet is an essential piece of kit for protecting your head out on the slopes but it’s vital that you get the fit right. A helmet needs to be snug but comfortable and fully cover the forehead. Too big and it will rattle around, too small and it will be very uncomfortable when worn all day.

Manufacturers will size ski helmets differently, what may be a small in one store may be a medium in another. For this reason you should always measure your head and use these dimensions to gauge what size helmet you need.

Ski-Helmet-Head-MeasureMeasure your head

Helmet sizes are measured in centimetres which relates to the circumference of your head.

Using a fabric tape measure your head around 1inch/2.5cm above your ears and eyebrows making sure the tape doesn’t slip down.

If you do not have a fabric tape measure, a piece of string will also work and you can measure against a ruler afterwards. Once you have the measurement of the circumference of your head, you need to find the helmet size that matches.

Try it on

Different styles of helmets will fit differently, so it is always best to try on various styles to find the best one for you.

Try the helmet on by holding on to the ear covers and sliding the helmet onto your head. Immediately the helmet should feel snug against your head and there should be no gaps. Pay attention to any pressure points, as these will only get worse with longer wear.

Do the shake test

Fasten the chin strap and shake your head from side to side and tilt your head back to see if the helmet rolls back off of your head. There should be no movement of the helmet, it should move with your head as one and not shake about. If you have no movement of the helmet, this should be a perfect fit for you.

If it moves around you may need to try on a smaller size or use the sizing mechanism to adjust it.

TIP: Try on the ski helmet with the goggles you will be wearing, there should be no gap between the top of your goggles and the helmet.