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MW Kit | Reflective

MW Kit | Reflective

08.01.2018 | Outdoor Clothing

In January the majority of us are leaving the house every morning in the dark and then leaving work in the dark every evening as well. Throughout the winter months, while daylight hours are at their shortest, it is so important to think about your safety while out and about in low light. Whether it’s cycling to work, getting up for that early morning run or walking the dog in the evening, our range of reflective jackets are perfect for keeping you safe.

The women’s Dashing Reflective Jacket shines bright silver all over when the light hits it, so you’re guaranteed to be seen! Perfect for cyclists out and about in low light, this jacket comes with a lightweight fleece collar for extra warmth and comfort, and underarm vents to keep you cool.

Don’t worry guys we haven’t forgotten about you! The men’s 360 Reflective Jacket offers the same all over coverage as the women’s.

These jackets are perfect for cyclists and runners, out and about in the dark. The sleek, muted grey design isn’t overbearing and looks sophisticated over a suit for work or your workout kit, but that silver glow when the light hits ensures you won’t be missed.