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MW Kit | Base Layers

MW Kit | Base Layers

09.12.2017 | Ski

So it’s safe to say the temperature has definitely dropped, and as many of you dig out your winter gear or think about treating yourself to a new padded jacket or cosy fleece perhaps you might be interested investing in the base layer. Specially designed to offer you breathable warmth whilst skiing, hiking or on the winter walk to the pub, we’ve rounded up the best bits about base layers to help you get to know this cold weather essential.


This heat retention technology ensures you stay warm, even in the coldest climates.


Made with lightweight fabrics, our base layers are easy to pack and perfect for travelling.


Our base layers have high wicking, breathable technology which ensures that moisture is absorbed away from the skin, keeping you dry and sweat mark free.

Quick Drying

Made with quick dry fabric, this is not only great for a speedy dry after going through the wash but also perfect for when you’re out in the snow.

Merino wool

The majority (but not all) of our base layers are made out of merino wool. Merino is a fine and soft wool with warming and cooling properties to keep you comfortable. Merino wool ensures that you stay warm without being sweaty as merino fibres can hold up to 30% moisture, yet still feel dry.


That same Merino wool is naturally antibacterial, managing moisture so efficiently it will help your garment stay fresh and odour free.


We have a great selection of seamless base layers which provide extra comfort against your skin, which also help to prevent chafing.

Fancy giving our base layers a go? Head to the MW website now to get kitted out