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Top 7 Ski Resorts for Extreme Skiers

18.01.2016 | Winter Wonders

If you’re a confident adrenaline junkie, looking for some steep, exhileratingly scary slopes to test then this is for you. Here are the top 7 resorts that cater for the more confident, advanced skiier. 

  1. Verbier – Switzerland
Verbier - Switzerland

Verbier – Switzerland

Verbier is one of the main resorts in Switzerland, and hosts several competitions each year which brings in some of the best skiers in Europe. It’s great for off piste skiing as well as home to some serious black runs which can be as steep as 55-60 degrees (which is pretty much as steep as they get).

The challenging terrain makes it one of the best resorts for those more advanced skiers.



  1. St Anton – Austria
St Anton - Austriaa

St Anton – Austria

St Anton is better suited for the advanced skier due to their wide range of challenging slopes, and even more dangerous off piste skiing. The resort splits the off piste runs into ‘normal’ and ‘expert’ but even for the advanced skier, the normal routes should be taken with caution!

If you think you’re brave enough, then the Valluga Bridge Couloir is one of the most famous off piste runs in Austria and also known as one of the scariest! This does mean however that you can only go down this if you are accompanied by a qualified guide.

  1. Jackson Hole – USA
Jackson Hole - USA

Jackson Hole – USA

Jackson Hole is made up of two mountains, and is definitely not the place to go if you are a beginner. With about 60% of the terrain dedicated to expert skiers, there is a great selection of black and double black runs, filled with crazy shutes, and steep terrain.

If you’re feeling particularly brave then you can always take on the legendary Corbets Couloir, although plenty of people change their minds just from peering over the 20ft edge!

  1. Whistler – Bristish Columbia, Canada
Whistler - Bristish Columbia, Canada

Whistler – Bristish Columbia, Canada

Whistler is a great resort for expert skiers because all but one of the bowls are accessible straight off the lifts without the need for hiking miles (with the exception of Flute Bowl.) For something a bit more challenging, there is Spankys Ladder which involves some difficult terrain. Once you are over the ladder there is access to some double black diamond bowls.

If you have never been before then it is best to take a guide or someone who does know where they are going, as when visibility is poor some of the bowls are quite hard to find.

  1. Chamonix – France
Chamonix - France

Chamonix – France

There are 4 different mountains in Chamonix, which does mean that the slopes are a little spread out, but it does also mean there is plenty of choice ! Les Grands Montets is home to the steep challenging pistes in Chamonix, with slopes ranging from 1252m to 3275m.

The off piste skiing in Chamonix are very accessible, and are full of glaciers, wide powder slopes, and steep couloirs. However there is also a high risk of avalanches, so it’s always best to hire a guide to go with you.

  1. Tignes – France
Tignes - France

Tignes – France

Tignes and Val d’lsere together create the Espace Killy ski area. This area is perfect for advanced and expert skiers as it is home to 25 black runs altogether. One of the areas longest black runs is La Sache, which is quite steep and can develop fair sized moguls, so when there is less snow cover it can be quite difficult and dangerous.

There is a large selection of steep black runs, and even red runs that are verging on black so there is definitely plenty of choice for those looking for something challenging.

  1. Andermatt – Switzerland
Andermatt - Switzerland

Andermatt – Switzerland

Andermatt may only be a small resort, but with great terrain, reliable snowfall, and 1500 metres of vertical slopes it’s not to be ignored. The 2 stage cable car takes you to the peak of the Gemmstock Mountain, where you find a steep black piste. There is little for the beginner skier, but plenty of great places to explore such as secluded red runs which take you off to some great off piste areas.

As an experienced skier you surely know the importance of having the right kind of protective ski gear. Don’t forget to have a look at our ski range and complete your outfit for your next trip.
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