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How do I carry a tent and a sleeping bag when hiking?

12.06.2014 | FAQs
Q.How do I carry a tent and a sleeping bag when hiking?

A. When packing your sleeping bag ideally pack it into a compression sack. This will allow you to squeeze the maximum amount of air out of the sleeping bag therefore allowing you to minimise the size of the sleeping bag for packing purposes.

Many rucksacks have zipped bottom compartments which are useful for storing sleeping bags. f your rucksack does not have one of these compartments place the sleeping bag to the bottom of your rucksack.

Tents should be packed inside the rucksack in the middle and close to your back as generally they will be heavy and this will give a better weight distribution and help keep your balance. By packing the tent inside the rucksack you will also be able to keep it drier.

When packing your tent if you are struggling for room and your rucksack allows it you can attach the tent poles to outside of your rucksack on the sides via the straps. You do however run the risk of them becoming lost or damaged