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Using a Camping Stove – 8 Safety Tips

01.08.2016 | Camping

Cooking on your camping trip could be well worth it if you want to save money or watch your diet. Burning yourself is the last thing that you and your family and friends want while your on a camping trip or festival. So if you’re keen to cook on your camping trip and you’re using a camping stove, please have a read through our top 8 safety tips.

1. Check you have slotted the gas canister in place correctly before you start to cook. Try and find a flat surface to place it down to prevent it from falling over.

2. To ignite the stove, turn the knob to the right gently and listen for the click. Placing your stove in a sheltered area from wind will help it light and your food to cook quicker and save on gas.

3. Never forget to turn the stove off at the knob every time when finished cooking and store the cartridge safely.

4. When its raining outside and its time to cook, never ever get your silly head on and try and cook inside your tent, tents are highly flammable and you will end up sleeping under a tree instead.

5. Never leave the gas cartridge in the stove when you’re not using it.

6. Always wait until the stove cools down before you remove the gas cartridge.

7. Always try to store gas cartridges and camping stoves in a dry place

8. Clean your stove each time you have used it because it needs to be clean in order to perform at its best.

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