• This tax strategy document applies to all UK incorporated companies of the Mountain Warehouse International Limited Group “the Group” for the financial year ending 25th February 2024.
  • It sets out the Groups approach and attitude to UK taxation and has been prepared in accordance with the requirements set out in Schedule 19 FA2016.

Approach to Tax Governance and Risk Management

  • The Mountain Warehouse Board of Directors have overall and ultimate responsibility for the Group’s Tax Strategy. The strategy is centred around achieving a high level of compliance.
  • Day to day management is delegated to the Tax team, which is comprised of the Finance Director, Head of Tax and Group Tax Manager.
  • Where there is significant materiality or complexity associated with business changes or transactions, or where we lack the specific expertise in house, the Group seeks external advice at the early stages to ensure any tax risk is considered and mitigated.
  • Risk is managed through the implementation of robust processes and controls, which ensure that correct tax treatments are adopted and that compliance requirements are dealt with on an accurate and timely basis. These processes are amended and developed in response to internal or external changes.
  • The continued growth of the Group requires a developing tax function and the Group are committed to this ongoing investment.

Attitude towards Tax Planning

  • The Group will seek to utilise available reliefs and allowances, which are permissible by law
  • The Group does not undertake any aggressive tax planning or enter into artificial transactions where the sole purpose is to reduce tax.

Acceptable Level of Tax Risk

  • The Group has a low tolerance for tax risk and is committed to paying accurate tax at the right time and in the right jurisdiction.
  • The Group is averse to taking actions that could result in a dispute or challenge from the tax authorities and seek to operate within the intention of the law.

Our Approach to Communicating with HMRC

  • The Group is committed to maintaining a transparent, honest, and co-operative relationship with HMRC
  • All correspondence is dealt with in a timely manner and in the event of any identified error(s) arising, full disclosure, where required by law will be made to HMRC.

Approved by the Board of Directors on 21st June 2023.