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Festival Checklist: 12 Festival Essentials

Festival Checklist: 12 Festival Essentials

10.07.2017 | Camping Kit Lists

Check out the Mountain Warehouse festival checklist to ensure you know what to take to a festival. From Pop up tents, to backpacks and torches, our festival checklist will help you make the most of the music this summer, whatever festival you’re heading to.

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The Festival Essentials:

Pop up tents are pitched in seconds, lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for festivals. Mountain Warehouse pop up tents are available in 2 and 3 man varieties and come in a range of great colours.

Mountain Warehouse Pop Up Tent: Festival Essentials

2. Sleeping Bag

Even though the majority of festivals take place in summer, the night’s may still get cold so a sleeping bag is a festival essential. A one or two season summer sleeping bag is most suited to camping at summer festivals. 2 seasons are recommended for warm weather or indoor use only, if the weather is cool a 3 season + is advised.

Mountain Warehouse Sleeping Bag: Festival Essentials

3. Roll Mat or Airbed

Sleeping directly on the hard ground will guarantee an uncomfortable and cold night. A roll mat is a lightweight solution which will insulate you from the ground and add some extra comfort to your sleeping bag. For the most comfortable night’s sleep, choose an airbed.  it’s a compact alternative to an airbed which is more comfortable than a standard roll mat and provide better insulation from the cold ground.
Festival Checklist: Roll Mat

4. Travel Towel

Travel, or Microfibre towels are compact, lightweight and fast drying making them ideal for festivals. Take a travel towel to help you dry off after a shower or if the rain starts to fall.Travel Towel: A Festival Essential

5. Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket will help you stay dry in unpredictable British weather! Packaway jackets are great for festivals as they can be packed into a small bag and kept close to hand should the weather turn nasty.Packaway Jacket: Festival Checklist

6. Travel Wash

A festival essential. Multi-purpose Travel Wash can be used on your clothes and body in hot or cold water.Travel Wash: Festival Checklist

7. Tent Finder

The Mountain Warehouse tent finder is a festival essential! Attach the light and use the remote to locate your tent amongst the thousands of others at the campsite. Tent Finder: Mountain Warehouse Festival Essentials

8. Camping Stove

Food can be expensive at festivals so you may choose to take a camping stove to cook your own hot meals.


9. Camping Pots, Pans & Utensils

Pots, pans and utensils will make it easier to cook meals at the campsite. Be sure to pack enough cutlery for everyone you plan to cook for.

Mountain Warehouse Pots & Pans

10. Backpack

A backpack will allow you to carry all your equipment and clothing.

Backpack: A Festival Essential

11. Water Bottle

You won’t be able to take alcohol from the campsite to the arenas but you can take water bottles. Most festivals will have taps inside the arenas where you can fill up. Save space with a collapsible bottle.


12. Torch or Lantern

A torch or lantern is essential if you plan on getting back to your tent at night in one piece! You’ll also find it difficult to locate anything in your tent without one! Pack spare batteries too.