Traveller 60 + 20 Litre Rucksack

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016814 TRAVELLER 60L 20L
016814 TRAVELLER 60L 20L
016814 TRAVELLER 60L 20L
016814 TRAVELLER 60L 20L
016814 TRAVELLER 60L 20L
016814 TRAVELLER 60L 20L
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The Traveller 60 + 20L Rucksack is two bags in one tough design. Fully detachable, the bags are perfect for long treks overseas, padded and full of handy pockets and space. 

  • Capacity - The large rucksack holds up to 60 litres, and the daypack holds up to 20 litres
  • Detachable Daypack - Great for longer travels, the daypack detaches from the main part of the rucksack so you can leave most of your belongings at the hostel when out on day trips
  • Adjustable Back System - Allows you to adjust the shoulder straps to find your most comfortable position and prevent unnecessary back pain
  • Pockets - Daypack: front organiser pocket and 20 litre compartment. Rucksack: internal pocket and large 60 litre compartment 
  • Straps - Straps at the chest and hips help to stabilise the bag and distribute the load securely and comfortably
  • Compression Straps - Used to reduce the bulk of the rucksack. Also aids balance 
  • Rain Cover - Found in a concealed pocket usually at the bottom, the rain cover folds out to protect your rucksack from the rain
  • Flight Cover - The flight cover protects your bag, ensuring shoulder straps don’t get caught in conveyor belts at the airport
  • Divisible Main Compartment - A split main compartment allows you to separate your gear, with zip access at the bottom 

Detachable daypack Multiple pockets Rain cover Back support 71 x 41 x 21 cm